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Holiday Letting is not a get rich quick scheme. If you view it in the same way as a pension scheme, once you have settled your mortgage it will provide you with a property you can then either sell or continue to let for an annual income. If you are a cash buyer the right property can provide a good annual return with the benefit of long term capital appreciation.

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Like running a business the holiday let needs to be managed, so standards of decoration and furnishings need to be maintained and the expectations of the ever demanding holiday maker must be met consistently week after week.

A holiday cottage is a micro business – it has outgoings and income and like a business all of your outgoings including your mortgage interest are offset against your income for tax purposes. Holiday lets have to meet certain criteria to be considered in this manner – you must let the property for a commercial rate for at least 105 days per year and the property must be available for letting for at least 210 days per year. If you own a second home and are considering entering the holiday letting market bear in mind this criteria must be met to consider the let as a commercially viable business. These rules are in place to guard against second home owners ‘playing’ at letting to gain a financial advantage in the running costs of their second home.

Why choose Holiday Lettings Cornwall?

In 2004 my wife and I bought our holiday cottage in Cornwall and 2 years later an opportunity arose and we bought the holiday letting agency. Having invested in traditional pension schemes for many years we wanted to manage our own financial future and decided after much research a holiday let in the right location was a great long term investment.


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